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Havana Club Aged 3 Years Havana Club Aged 3 Years

Havana Club Aged...

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This Havana Club has been aged for three years in bourbon casks and then filtered, hence it's color. A classic rum and a key component of good, refreshing Daiquiri (or just about any rum cocktail), and it even won a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2016.

Havana Club Especial Aged

Havana Club...

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Havana Club Especial is a premium golden rum characterized by its soft final flavor. Perfectly balanced, it combines the lightness of the flavor associated with white rums with the fruity complexity of the aged rums.

Havana Club Aged 7 Years

Havana Club Aged...

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Havana Club 7 Years perfectly demonstrates the versatility of high quality Cuban rum, as well as the strong commitment and experience of the Rum Masters with a complex aged process. To enjoy yourself, with ice or in cocktails, but always in good company!

Havana Club Selection of...

Havana Club...

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Havana Club Selección de Maestros is triple barrel dark aged rum. A selection of the finest rums aged in white oak barrels before being carrefully selected by the Havana Club rum master blenders to create Selección de Maestros. A remarkable balance for a unique taste experience.

Havana Club Union

Havana Club Union

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Havana Club Unión is the first Cuban rum created especially to be accompanied with the delicious flavor of a fine Cuban cigar with great body. A tribute to the combination of the two great icons of Cuba, born in the same exceptional climate and fertile ground, Havana Club Unión is truly unique.

Havana Club Tributo

Havana Club Tributo

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The Tributo Collection is a series of limited editions, created from havana club's best aged rum reserves. Havana Club Tributo pays homage to the unique process of successive aging and mixing, it is a fine and luxurious rum of great depth and complexity carefully realized according to the traditions, transmitted by the Masters of Cuban Rum.

Havana Club Maximum Havana Club Maximum

Havana Club Maximum

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Havana Club Máximo is the final form of Cuban rum. Handmade by mixing the best quality rum reserves and with more time that have been left to age in the Havana Club wineries, this exclusive and precious product is the best Cuban rum that can be offered. Only 1000 bottles are produced per year.